The First Few Days

I apologize for not posting over the last few days. Not much happened during the drive to the park, since we didn’t have much time to stop. Highlights include seeing my sister for the first time in several months and climbing on (pretending to ride) a concrete dinosaur in a Montana gas station parking lot. We went through some remote areas and small towns, which were interesting to see.

I am currently in the Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell Montana, where I am spending my second night. It is a rather small town, but it has a decent amount of shopping and tourist attractions. The only problem is that the only things open after 10:00 are the pizza places and casinos. To my surprise, I found out that I can legally gamble in Montana. However, such entertainment does not appeal to me.

We got a rather late start, not leaving till about 1PM. I took a walk around town, going to the shopping mall and purchasing a crossword puzzle book for the car. My parents went to Wal-Mart to get food and supplies.

We went on a walk to Avalanche Lake, which was about 5.8 miles round-trip with roughly five hundred feet of elevation gain. It was quite a drive (1.25 hours each way) and about 3 hours of walking and looking, but it definitely was worth the time. While dinner was supposed to be grilled meat packets, we forgot some of the ingredients at the hotel, and had to settle for Domino’s.

There are no photos here for now, as I need to get them off of the camera, but stay tuned for an update. We are staying in the park tomorrow, so the internet might be a bit spotty. However, I will still attempt to get at least text posted here.

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