The “Wild” Ride

Yesterday, I rode across the endless flatlands of the Midwest and into the hills of the East. We left at about 2:20 yesterday, among heavy traffic leaving the city. My mom and I ate at Chipotle (because Chiptopia of course!), while my dad and brother ate at Chick-fil-A off of US 20 in South Bend. We also saw in Elkhart a McDonalds with a castle-esque exterior, though it possessed a typical interior.

We drove into the night, across Ohio and half of Pennsylvania. I tried to get a sundae in the McDonalds at the Brady’s Leap Service Plaza near Youngstown, but ten minutes after I paid, the cashier informed me that the machine was not operating at the time. In addition, I received extremely sluggish service – during my wait, they called only one customer’s order, and they still had several to go before reaching mine. Despite being left unsatiated, I enjoyed the relief of not having to wait for an even longer time.

I find the Ohio Turnpike’s Service plazas peculiar, in that their similarities trigger a feeling of déja vú. Yet I am often left uncertain as to whether I had actually been to that plaza or if it’s another location I’m reminded of. I even once remembered an event having occurred at a plaza, then after remembering a detail, recognizing it could not have been the same place.

We descended into not only the valleys of the Allegheny range, but also a dense fog. My father driving could only see a few seconds in front of us, and we had to slow down on the interstate.

At 3AM, we arrived in the quaint town of Hundington, nestled in an Alleghanian valley bisected by a picturesque river. Located within the town is Juniata college, a liberal arts college which my brother is considering attending. We stayed at the Hundington Motor Inn for our short rest, due to its status as the cheapest lodging near the college. Despite detestation of the place from my parents, I found the room acceptable, though the pillows were quite thin.

I am uncertain if I will finish the post about today this night. Nevertheless, I look forwards to telling you about exploring both Huntingdon and the site of the sanguinious Battle of Gettysburg.


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