Day VI: Into the White Mountains

I slept in a bit since we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Hadley at about 2 last night. My Dad got me a bit of breakfast to eat from downstairs, but I went back to bed after eating it. My brother and mother toured Hampshire College, which they said looked really nice. It’s definitely an interesting place, and my brother shared the sentiment.

When we stopped at McDonalds this morning, I noticed that they served a lobster sandwich. At $8.99, they are a bit costly, and when I got one, I sort of viewed it as one of those weird things that exists but probably shouldn’t.

We took I-93 up the valley of the Connecticut River, towards Franconia where my family spent the night. I could finally see the New England scenery, and it was nice being around the hills and small towns.

We arrived at the Franconia Best Western at around three, and took a few minutes to settle in. My cousin Susan lives just down the road and let us spend some time at her house. She ordered pizza for us from a local place, and it was good. We also picked up some candy from a local store called Chutter’s, and baked goods from the French Sisters’. All of us sat around for a few hours talking about life until about ten when we went back to our hotel to sleep.

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