Yet another update

The last semester went well. I wish I updated this page a bit more during it, but I guess it’s good that I at least write a post once in a while.

I’m going to be this busy this summer, working a full forty hours each week. I am thankful that I have an internship through which I can gain development skills that are directly applicable to my career and interests.

I’m studying this summer to hopefully pass out of differential equations (MATH 286) and discrete structures (CS 173). I’m currently signed up to take algorithms (CS 225), Thermal Physics (PHYS 213), Quantum Physics (PHYS 214), and should I pass proficiency tests, Analog Signal Processing (ECE 210).

I also plan on doing some projects this summer besides my work and studies. I have a few good ideas, and will post about them once I get started.

Next semester, I look forwards not just to my new classes to living in an apartment. I’m renting a private room, and while I prefer not to state the exact location here, it is within 1000 feet of the ECE building, which works well for me. It’s much better than last year, when I lived about 1.2 miles away at LAR. Another reason for moving out was my desire to make my own food, and while I have little cooking experience, the campus dining options will no longer restrict my freedom.

Also, I’ve thought about starting another blog to provide a more casual place for me to post about my small thoughts and other stuff not important enough to make it here. I make no promises, but might get that up in a few weeks.

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